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Today, the field of health care is in rapid change. Yet, even with this uncertain future, the changes taking place are creating new opportunities for enterprising professionals looking to enhance their skillset and their value in the job market. Virtually every area of the healthcare field deals with legal regulation in some capacity, so it’s important for those who work with the law to understand our legal system.

The Master of Law in Compliance degree program with a Health Law Concentration is a 100% online degree program designed to teach non-lawyer professionals how to identify legal issues, how to minimize legal risks in decision-making, and how to communicate effectively with lawyers when necessary. The program, which can be completed in as few as 13 months, gives working professionals the opportunity to learn about and experience how the law intersects with their professions in ways that are uniquely responsive to their needs. Developed by the Western State College of Law dean and faculty, the curriculum provides students with exposure to real-world legal settings, practical experience, and invaluable contacts with many alumni practitioners who can assist in the transition to the job market and throughout a professional career.

Please note that successful completion of this degree program will not prepare students to practice law, will not satisfy requirements for licensure to practice law, and will not provide the possibility of advance standing in a Juris Doctor Degree program.

Program Goals

The Master of Law in Compliance degree program with a Health Law Concentration covers a comprehensive range of legal topics, including:

  • Knowledge of the Legal System: Students examine the structure, history, and values underlying the legal system.
  • Research, Analysis, and Workplace Communication: Students locate, analyze, and apply relevant legal authorities to real-world situations, and present research findings in a clear and professional manner.
  • Communication with Legal Counsel: Students define the broad outlines of legal issues encountered in the workplace, and communicate with legal counsel, as needed, using appropriate legal reasoning and vocabulary.
  • Risk Management: Students assess ways to reduce and manage legal risks in the workplace.
  • Compliance Programming: Students plan, implement, and evaluate effectiveness of compliance programs.
  • Application of Regulatory Standards: Students identify and apply the relevant legal authorities that regulate their professional field.

Program Requirements

The Master of Law in Compliance degree program with a Health Law Concentration requires the satisfactory completion of 30 semester credit hours, distributed as follows: core requirements, 12 credit hours; elective requirements, 6 credit hours; and concentration requirements, 12 credit hours.

Core Requirements – Students are Required to Take the Following:

  • MC6000 - Research, Analysis and Communication Skills (3)
  • MC6010 - Constitutional Law (3)
  • MC6012 - Administrative Law (3)
  • MC6014 - Compliance and Organizational Structures (3)

Core Course Requirements – 12 Credit Hours

Concentration Requirements

Students enrolled in the Master of Law in Compliance degree program are required to complete 4 concentration courses (12 credit hours) in one of the following areas.

Health Law Concentration Requirements – Students are Required to take the Following

  • MC6020 - Law of Medicare and Medicaid (3)
  • MC6022 - Law of Patients’ Rights (3)
  • MC6024 - Law of Accreditation and Licensure (3)
  • MC6540 - Building a Compliance Program (3)

Health Law Concentration Requirements – 12 Credit Hours

Elective Requirements

In addition, students enrolled in the Master of Law in Compliance degree program take 6 credit hours of electives. Students choose 3 of the following courses:

Health Law Elective Requirements – Students Choose 3 Elective Courses from the Following

  • MC6500 - Law of Risk Management (2)
  • MC6502 - Pharmaceutical Law (2)
  • MC6510 - Legal Perspectives on Healthcare Ethics (2)
  • MC6512 - Regulatory Compliance in the Healthcare Industry (2)
  • MC6514 - Healthcare as an Employee Benefit (2)

Health Law Elective Requirements – 6 Credit Hours

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